“Thank you for creating this group of inspirational and fantastic women! I was impressed with what everyone is doing in and for our community. Sisterhood of Super women is a one-stop place to get to know the pro-active women who are strengthening the fabric of our community” – Cristina Whitehawk,  Phenomenal Women!

What you are doing with this group is really great, and I could feel the energy of gratitude in the room!” – Michelle Moore, Mother’s Grace

“The Sisterhood of Super women inspired me in more ways than one! I loved the energy and what you all are doing! I am so very proud to be associated with each and every one of you!” – Lonee Taylor, Lonee Lifestyle

“Spent the day learning about some “Super Women” I never knew existed! The stories left me both amazed and thirsty… Thirsty for more and I didn’t want the afternoon to end. Thank you Catherine for uniting a great group of Super Women for the common good of their respective communities and each other! I am so looking forward to the next one! – Rosemary Ulibarri

“I look forward to future events and the lasting impact and influence it will have on my life as well as others. Thank you all! It charged me up for the rest of the day!” – Christine Upcraft

“I heard about the Sisterhood of Super women last year. I attended my first luncheon in August 2010 and was hooked! So glad that Catherine came up with the idea! I have only been able to attend 4 meetings in the last year due to my schedule but they are always such a powerful, heart warming experience. I love that we get to learn about and help a new local charity every month; I love that we support a local restaurant; I love that there is no membership fee and no pressure to attend regularly; but most of all, I love to meet and spend time with other wonderful, inspirational women. I’ve attended alone each time but I always know that I am going to meet some amazing women…and I always do! Can’t wait for the next one!” – Lisa Pozzoni,  Easy Fitness Solutions

“Catherine, the group you have founded is a spectacular celebration of the spirit! It was a delight to spend the afternoon as part of your sisterhood of dynamic women making a difference. You superwomen are our she-roes!” – Sara O’Meara & Yvonne Fedderson,  Childhelp     >>Read full letter (pdf)<<

“This is a great organization and I have met so many super women since I have been coming to the luncheons.  This is a great way to network and also learn more about the non-profits in our area.  Non-profits are the ones that really are in need of assistance and with us featuring one a month this is really a boost to them.  I look forward to many more events and expanding my resources so that if someone needs help in an area, I can give them the information.  Thanks Catherine for starting this great group.” – Laureen Pugh, Gear Up Promotions

“Your idea is amazing! I think what you are doing is a great testimony of exactly how a community should be… and I commend you and all women alike.– Robert Nelson

“We thank you for the opportunity to be involved in a group that’s ‘Making a Difference’ and relish any future events that we might be able to contribute to!” – Craig Hunter, Gold Events USA

“Thank you so very much for your support of AMY! We loved having the Sisterhood of Super Women & being able to share our mission with your wonderful group of ladies. We enjoyed meeting you and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in the future.”Arizona Museum for Youth Friends, Inc. (AMY)

“Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to share with such amazing women… We were able to raise $627.00 during our luncheon and also made some fabulous contacts that can really help us to make a difference.” – Lori Reignier, Starbright Foundation, Inc.

“The Sisterhood delivered $690 of natural cleaning supplies to Stepping Stone Place, a permanent supportive housing program that provides case management services for homeless persons and others. For less than $20 per person, we provided 790 ounces of lemon juice, 2,764 ounces of laundry detergent, 87.5 pounds of baking soda, 96 oz of dis detergent, 64 ounces of scouring powder and 1,590 ounces of vinegar. That’s a lot of clean!” – Charlotte Grant-Cobb, ManaSpirits

“We had about $500 in new/used supplies and gift cards! … That included over 1200 pieces of construction paper, 600 crayons, and 230 pompoms! When I brought everything in to Free Arts today they were eternally grateful as am I! Unbelievable!… Thank you SO much for giving me the opportunity to share my passion with the SUPER WOMEN!” – Karen Onken, Free Arts Arizona

“We thank you for the opportunity to be involved in a group that’s ‘Making a Difference’ and relish any future events that we might be able to contribute to!” – Craig Hunter, Gold Events USA

“I would like to say THANK YOU so much for visiting SpoFit this past Sunday. it was great to meet such wonderful and impactful women. The Sisterhood donated $365 dollars to go towards the SpoFit scholarship! This will help insure that the lack of ones financial resources will not inhibit their ability to exercise, participate in recreation and leisure programs, and pursue an enhanced quality of life.” – Amber Atkins-Blanchard, Virginia G. Piper Sports & Fitness Center for Persons with Disabilities

“The event was AWESOME! We raised $530 and recruited 15 newly registered donors. We are so thankful for the opportunity to meet with all the Super Women and make some new friends.” – Aubrie Vargas, Be The Match

“Today was a wonderful experience… I am inspired by your dedication to making this world a better place and so thankful for all you do to empower women. What a great plan! It will be our pleasure to deposit $346.30 into our account from t he Hope Jar that was passed [and an additional $90 from the jewelry sale]. Bright blessings to you…  and your work.” – Joy Kockerbock, Creative Arts in Healing, Inc.