Checklist for Luncheon Hosts


Date/Location: Sundays from noon – 2 p.m.
Charity of Choice: Is the support monetary or in the form of donated items? If it’s in the form of donated items, please supply a list of what items are needed.
Speaker: Is someone available to speak on behalf of the charity or as a testimonial to the charity cause so the ladies know more about who they are supporting?
Any extras: Is there a raffle to additionally benefit the charity? Will anyone “extra” join to sell their goods with proceeds benefiting the charity (i.e. a purse or jewelry sale)?
Lunch: Who is providing lunch if we’re not meeting at a restaurant? (Please make sure this is locally-owned.)
Lunch cost: We try to keep it to no more than $15 per person.
Donor receipt: Please ask the charity to provide receipts for donors to submit for tax purposes.